Research by Anilla Sukram, Tour Planner at British Tours Ltd, London, for

Accessibility of Historic sites in EnglandFounded in 1958 and still under the same management, British Tours Ltd prides itself on the flexibility and individuality of our tours.

Our team of expert tour guides – including a former detective at New Scotland Yard, a leading Archaeologist and a senior Foreign Office civil servant – conduct our tours privately by car, minibus and coach.

Our tours offer some convenience for the less mobile because the itinerary is flexible and geared to our clients’ needs. It is also easier to get in and out of a car with the help of a guide than onto a coach with 50 other people.

For wheelchair-bound clients there are several good specialist tour operators for touring in Britain (see resources).

Following is an appraisal of some of the major tours of England’s most important historic sites from the point of their disabled access.

Researched October 2001