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Singapore and Australia: Easy Riding Down Under

By Hilton Purvis

My wife and I have returned from a 6 week tour through Singapore and Australia and thought you might be interested in some feedback. I am permanently confined to a wheelchair through spinal […]


Munich and Vienna: Bavarian Bliss

By Adam Lloyd

When thinking about a trip to Europe most Americans overlook Munich, Germany in favor of Florence, Paris, or London. Whether it is lingering ill feelings about World War II or the misperception that […]


Britain: Accessible Sights in Jolly Old England

Research by Anilla Sukram, Tour Planner at British Tours Ltd, London, for GimpontheGo.com

Accessibility of Historic sites in EnglandFounded in 1958 and still under the same management, British Tours Ltd prides itself on the flexibility and […]


St. John U.S. Virgin Islands: Paradise (Lost?)

By Adam Lloyd

The end of another year lurks just over the horizon as Jack Frost begins to tighten his grey, icy grip around the next three months of your life. Are you going to be […]


Puerto Rico: A View of Dorado Beach Resort

By John Petrou

With numerous direct flights from the East Coast, a relatively modern infrastructure and all the beauty of other “more exotic” Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is an ideal choice for vacationers, disabled or otherwise.

You […]


Maui, Hawaii: Highs and Lows in the Valley Isle

By Adam Lloyd

Perhaps no place better represents the American ideal of a tropical escape than Hawaii. Volcanoes, waterfalls, black sand beaches, grass skirts, pineapple plantations — what could be more exotic and yet still as […]

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Miami Beach: City of Contrasts

By Adam Lloyd

Miami – the name conjures images of sandy beaches, models in thong bikinis, fast boats, hot nightclubs, and Don Johnson. Or, maybe you think: Salsa music, hand-rolled cigars, black beans and rice, and […]

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Minnesota Dog Sledding Adventure

By Kara Aiello

I love to travel, I always have. Through travel I learn about new cultures and people, challenge fears and prejudices and I do so from the endurance and strength of my wheelchair. Although […]

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Silver Lake, Florida: A Kayakers Weekend

By Carri Randall

Just wanted to share my first kayaking experience with you. Greg, my boyfriend, came by after work on Friday, and I knew we were going camping AND kyaking when I saw everything loaded […]

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Tucson, AZ: A Snowbird Rolls into the Desert

By DK Davis, who edits a disability newsletter. Click to e-mail him for more information.

“What the heck is that noise? Raccoons mating? What time is it anyway?”

“That ‘noise’, is the alarm. The time is 3:15. […]

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