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Travel Reviews

Travels with George: Vienna

By George Gentry (Photos: Christine Gentry)

The last time I saw Vienna was the summer of 1980, and that was only a very brief visit. The old city has not changed much, still a very beautiful […]


Celebrity’s Summit to the Western Caribbean

By Adam Lloyd

For years, cruising has been an immensely popular vacation choice for people with disabilities. The opportunity to see the world without having to make a plethora of travel arrangements or constantly worrying about […]


Alaskan Cruise: One Gimp’s Story

By MaryAnne Nolan
Part I
Alaska for a gimp!! And, an old gimp at that. Yes, why not? Before I became an amputee, on peritoneal dialysis (no machines) and a member of the zipper club (triple by-pass) […]


To Hell and Back: CostaRomantica

By Jann Hartman

Well, I can truly say we’ve been to Hell and back. Although it was absolutely great. Does that make sense? No? Well, let me explain.

This was our sixth cruise, but the first with […]


Australia & New Zealand: Oz & Middle Earth

By Hilton Purvis & Loretta Jakubiec

My wife and I have returned from a six week tour through New Zealand and Australia and thought you might be interested in some feedback. I am permanently confined to […]


Wheelchair Safari

By Ian Popay

In June this year I set off on one of those trips that you dread before you go, love while you’re away, and spend the rest of your life wondering why you didn’t […]


Egypt: Wheelchair SCUBA Diving

By Julie Mora Perez and Jasmine Boyd in association with the Handicapped Scuba Association International

As an exotic dive/travel destination it would be difficult to outdo Egypt, especially when part of the journey includes actually touching […]


Climbing Kilimanjaro: An African Odessey

By Helen Bergan

This is an excerpt from Helen’s book, Climbing Kilimanjaro: An African Odyssey which is available for purchase by clicking here.

I had lived in Ethiopia for three years and had traveled extensively in that […]


Sun City – Pilansberg, South Africa

By Hilton Purvis & Loretta Jakubiec

The contrast between the stark, arid bushveld surrounding Sun City and the lush green golfing greens and secluded gardens is extreme. Nothing serves to demonstrate the transforming capabilities of water […]


Ethiopia in a Wheelchair

By Gordon Rattray

The following are two stories from Gordon’s 2003 journey to Ethopia. For more information, photos, and other (truly) far-flung travel adventures visit his site Able Travel!

Why on earth would anyone want to go […]