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Innovative Accessible Aircraft Design from Bombardier Aerospace

An all new commercial aircraft from that was designed from the ground up with accessibility as a priority!

Disabled Travel Trends

Ribbons of snow spray through the air as a dark figure in the distance carves turn after turn down a ski run at Mount Snow , Vermont . Only when he comes closer is it noticeable that this skier is actually a paraplegic arcing his way down the slopes in a wheelchair-like mono ski.

D.O.T: Disabled Air Traveler's Hotline

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has established a toll-free hotline to assist travelers with disabilities.

After the Terror: The Future of Disability Travel

As our nation struggles to come to grips with its loss, we all must begin to pick up the pieces of our lives and move forward. America, you and I, will continue on. However, things have changed and those changes will effect our daily lives. Security, particularly with regard to airline travel, is going to be more stringent than ever. While this is a good and necessary step, it is bound to make travel more difficult, especially for those with disabilities.

Travel Industry Takes Initiative

It has too often been the case that companies in the travel industry have had to be dragged, against their collective will, into making travel accommodations accessible to everyone. So, when some of these businesses, of their own initiative, enact measures to make things better for disabled travelers, it is our duty to shine a spotlight on their efforts.

Avoiding Holiday Hassles

Venturing out for the holidays? More power to you; you're going to need it! Going on a trip at this time of year can be a huge hassle for the most hearty of travelers, let alone those with disabilities. High gas prices, overcrowded roads and planes, weather delays, striking airline workers and diminishing luggage allowances might just make you want to huddle up at home and hibernate. However, if you're like the 5 plus million of us who will be heading elsewhere to celebrate the season, you'll be happy to know that there are ways to help ensure the smoothest transit possible.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Travel Ideas

At least half of the problems people run into while traveling are a result of some sort of miscommunication. You know the scenarios: "Room requests are noted, does not mean they are guaranteed;" "Sorry, we assumed you knew, the hourly shuttle service doesn't begin until noon;" or "Yugos are considered a mid-size at our rental company." We've all faced these frustrating situations where we thought everything was clearly understood but turns out not to be. So, imagine how much more difficult travel can be for those who have "built-in" communication hurdles due to a hearing impairment.

Traveling with Oxygen

If we had to decide who has the most difficult time arranging travel plans that meet their disability requirements, without a doubt, it would be oxygen users. Airlines, cruise ships and trains all have different, often contradictory guidelines, and unlike traveling with a wheelchair or service animal, extra fees are common and legal. In the hope to alleviate, or at least prepare oxygen users for the hoops they'll have to jump through in order to travel, this article will lay out the current maze of oxygen regulations and how best to navigate them.

Wheelchair Beach Access

Admit it. The true lure of any sunshine filled vacation is the beach. The whole reason we stuff our belongings into a suitcase, fight our way through crowded airports, and pay top dollar for a shoebox of a room, is for the joy of relaxing on a warm, sandy beach and taking a dip in the soothing coastal waters.

So, what happens if you're in a wheelchair? Does enjoying a beach holiday have to mean admiring the sunbaked shore from a boardwalk or nearby patio? Definitely not!

What, Me Travel?

You're going about your day, minding your own business, when suddenly you feel it: that familiar itch. Sure enough, the travel bug has bitten you and you're coming down with a serious case of wanderlust. Like chicken soup for a cold, you know that only a vacation to some far off place can make you feel better. But wait, you think, can I really do that? I'm disabled.

Travel with a Service Animal

Although we love them dearly, be they "seeing eye dogs," hearing dogs, or wheelchair assistance canines, anyone who has a service animal knows that they are not simply pets. As vital an adaptive aid as a wheelchair or braille text, the general public needs to understand that service animals are tools, necessary to the lives of thousands of disabled individuals.

Of Planes and Power Chairs

We're sure this has happened to you. The flight is over and (Ack!) here comes your power wheelchair. Despite all your planning, discussions with airline personnel, and disassembly precautions, they still managed to do something unexpected to your chair. Ever wonder what was going through their minds? Well, now we know...

The Scoop on Van Rentals

While often times travel plans may center around a single theme park such as Disneyland, or a relatively localized tourist area like Key West, there are occasions when your itinerary requires that you drive from attraction to attraction. Public transportation may be a good solution to your transit needs, but for those who are seeking a little more freedom and independence, renting an accessible van can be the best option.

Visually Impaired Travelers

The Braille Institute was kind enough to pass along this advice for travelers with visual impairments. Not surprisingly, as with other disabilities, planning ahead and making people aware of your situation goes a long way toward making your trip a successful one.

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