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Cruise Port Resources

Below is a list of the most common ports of call for both sea cruises and┬áriver cruises around the world. We are trying to collect phone numbers and websites for mobility impaired/disability friendly port excursions […]

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Innovative Accessible Aircraft Design from Bombardier Aerospace

By Robert C. Grant

The new Bombardier CSERIES aircraft is due to make its maiden flight this July 2013. What makes it different from the numerous aircraft currently in service today? It was designed from the […]

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Disabled Travel Trends

Ribbons of snow spray through the air as a dark figure in the distance carves turn after turn down a ski run at Mount Snow , Vermont . Only when he comes closer is it […]

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Travel Ideas

At least half of the problems people run into while traveling are a result of some sort of miscommunication. You know the scenarios: “Room requests are noted, does not mean they are guaranteed;” “Sorry, we […]

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Wheelchair Beach Access

Admit it. The true lure of any sunshine filled vacation is the beach. The whole reason we stuff our belongings into a suitcase, fight our way through crowded airports, and pay top dollar for a […]

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What, Me Travel?

You’re going about your day, minding your own business, when suddenly you feel it: that familiar itch. Sure enough, the travel bug has bitten you and you’re coming down with a serious case of wanderlust. […]

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Visually Impaired Travelers

The Braille Institute was kind enough to pass along this advice for travelers with visual impairments. Not surprisingly, as with other disabilities, planning ahead and making people aware of your situation goes a long way […]

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Traveling with Oxygen

If we had to decide who has the most difficult time arranging travel plans that meet their disability requirements, without a doubt, it would be oxygen users. Airlines, cruise ships and trains all have different, […]

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Travel with a Service Animal

Although we love them dearly, be they “seeing eye dogs,” hearing dogs, or wheelchair assistance canines, anyone who has a service animal knows that they are not simply pets. As vital an adaptive aid as […]

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Travel Industry Takes Initiative

It has too often been the case that companies in the travel industry have had to be dragged, against their collective will, into making travel accommodations accessible to everyone. So, when some of these businesses, […]

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