Dear Editor,

I am traveling to Amsterdam by myself for two weeks. Is there any organization that gives names of part-time help? I suffered a massive stroke 12 years ago, I live alone and have help part-time. I walk with a cane and wear a brace on my right leg. I’m paralyzed on the right side. I just would like to find someone part-time to take me to museums.
Sincerely, Ralph Edsell


Your trip sounds wonderful; I’m sure you’re going to enjoy Amsterdam. While I’m not aware of any services in Holland that offer part-time assistants/attendants to visitors, there is a travel agency/tour company that specializes in disability-friendly tours (Accessibletravelnl). I imagine that if you were to contact them they could arrange someone to take you around to the museums and other sights. As it is, their website shows that they offer day tours for €23. I would think they would be willing to customize/meet your needs for a helper while you are touring.

I also found this site called Friends4Action but, although it claims not to be an adult “escort’ service, it sounds a bit like one to me; however, that could be fun too, perhaps. 

In any case, let me know if I can be of further assistance. When you get back, if you’re willing, please consider writing trip review for us!