Dear Editor,
I am a recreation therapist working with veterans in Long Term Care.  Some of our guys are in their early 60’s and would like to have some bucket list items completed…but their funds are very limited.  What options are there for grants/fundraising/etc for these heros?

I think this is a terrific cause you have undertaken! Helping military veterans to fulfill some of their bucket list travel desires sounds like a great way of thanking them for their service. I would be surprised if people wouldn’t get behind such an effort. One of the more popular ways to raise money for charities and causes is crowdfunding. There are several good crowdfunding sites on the web (IndiegogoFundlyRazoo, Causes, Crowdrise, Firstgiving) where you can set up a campaign to attract donors to help raise money for any number of causes. One of these may be perfect for this effort. Once you have set up a fund-raising campaign with one of these sites it might even be possible to get your local news to pick up the story which ought to greatly increase its visibility in the number of donations. Best of luck with this effort!