Dear Editor,


I would certainly appreciate any info you have on Sun Country Airlines and power wheelchair travel.

This summer I’ll be riding my power chair onto an Alaska cruise leaving from Anchorage.  Since I’ll be flying from Minneapolis, my only choices for a direct flight are Delta or Sun Country Airlines.  Like many wheelers, I have only horror stories of Delta, so that leaves me researching Sun Country.  Southwest Airlines is now my carrier of choice; they do an exemplary job when loading my Permobil into cargo and me into the cabin. Well trained staff treat me with respect and grace.

But they dont go to Anchorage.  My calculations lead me to choose Sun County driven by the assumption that they can’t be worse than Delta.  But if you have any information, please weigh in. 

Thank you in advance for your efforts on my behalf.
Kind regards, Melanie Fry




I’m afraid I don’t have any experience or knowledge about Sun Country Airlines. Just doing a quick Google search, it appears that they don’t have a fabulous reputation in the reviews I found online (in general, not dealing with wheelchairs). However, here is their page on Special Travel Needs Hopefully they turn out to be as competent at Southwest (I agree with you there!) but if you do run into problems a little “secret” is to ask for the Complaints Resolution Officer to lodge a discrimination complaint; one must be available (by law) at all times that an airline is operating. He or she has the power to promptly resolve any violations that have occurred. My best advice is to let them know, in detail, all the assistance you’ll need and how you need it to be done. Being clear, polite, but firm works more often than not.