Dear Editor,
I am in a wheelchair and my husband and I may go on an extended road trip this summer. One concern I have is if the car breaks down. What do I do? I mean we know to call AAA, but there is no way I can get in a tow truck. I don’t want to be stuck on a highway somewhere. Thanks for any ideas!

This is an interesting dilemma. I’m not sure I have great advice for you, but I’ll give you my two cents and perhaps one of our readers might have an idea or two as well. Once you know your route, I would suggest looking up paratransit services, accessible taxi companies, as well as wheelchair van rental companies (there is a list of some of these on our Travel Resources page) in the states/areas you will be traveling through. You might want to contact them in advance and pose this question to them. Perhaps, in the case of emergency, they would be able to get to you and give you a ride to the garage where you are vehicle is being worked on, or to a nearby hotel if necessary. I know it’s not a definite solution, but hopefully this might be able to ease your mind and provide some emergency relief if you run into problems along the way. Fingers crossed your travels go well!