Dear Editor,

I was delighted to log on to your web site and how I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the stories…Thanks I wanted to find out how to go about hailing a taxi in NYC. Our son 12, has a Quickie manual chair. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance for your reply….

Glad you enjoy our site, we’re trying hard to meet everyone’s expectations.

New York doesn’t have wheelchair accessible taxis, like the mini-van variety. Instead, city provided accessible transport services must be arranged ahead of time. The service, known as Access-A-Ride (212) 374-5634, runs 24 hours 7 days a week.

However, if your son is able to transfer from his chair into a regular cab, simply stick your arm out on any street-side to hail a cab. Legally, a taxi cannot refuse to pick you up because of a wheelchair, but don’t be surprised if some pass you by. Time is money for them and wheelchair users take longer, so service isn’t always what it should be. Still, more often than not you’ll get your cab shortly.