Dear Editor,

Thank you for your informative site. I recently returned to work after an accident which caused my left leg to be amputated. I get around in a wheelchair and on crutches. However, due to nerve damage, I require hand controls for driving. In a few weeks, my job will require me to travel.

My only real concern is a vehicle at my destination in Wisconsin. I read your section on accessible rental vehicles, where you mentioned that hand control vehicles are available. Do you know if hand controls are limited to the rental companies you listed, or if there are any Hertz’s or Avis’s of the world that offer this service?

Thank you in advance for your time, Brian Carlson

Indeed, both Hertz and Avis offer hand controls on their vehicles at virtually all locations, at no extra cost. Advance notice of between 8-48 hours is needed depending upon location, but otherwise rental procedure is the same as those for renting a car without hand controls.