Dear Editor,

I’m looking for a warm place to go for a winter vacation that’s not too much trouble to arrange and get to but has a very dependable company who can supply me with liquid oxygen. I’m thinking of St. Thomas or another Carribean Island, or possibly some warm place in the U.S., but not Florida. Planning to be gone for up to 10 days starting end of Jan/beginning of Feb. I live in Minneapolis so I’m looking for someplace convenient from here. Has to be on an airline that provides oxygen- some don’t. Do you know of any travel agents that specialize in planning trips for people with disabilities?

Thanks for any input, Simmie

Let me start with the airline question. Almost all major US airlines will supply oxgen, at a cost, with advance notice. If you’re in doubt, call the airline or check their oxygen policy at their web site. As for locations, you’ll be able to get oxygen delivered to just about any Caribbean island you choose. There is a company, TravelMed International 800-878-3627 which rents/delivers medical equipment including oxygen all over the world. Otherwise, you may try calling the local hospital and see if they can point you to a supplier.