Dear Editor,

My husband Cory suffered a spinal cord injury in 1995. He does not use a wheelchair but is only able to walk very short distances. He is willing to use a scooter when we go on vacation. We have tried a few short trips in the past and they have been disasters. As you know handicapped access for one person might not work for another. It is very difficult to make plans, most people with whom you speak with are clueless.

I hope that you will be able to help us. We are a young family with two small children who should be able to see the world with us.

Thank you, Nadine Wieder

Don’t let your past travel disasters dissuade you from continuing to travel. Most likely, all you need is more thorough planning before you go. As you said, you and your family should be able to see the world together, and really, there is no reason you can’t make that happen.

In general you are correct; what is accessible for one person may not be for another. As such, when scouting out travel destinations, don’t simply ask if a hotel is accessible – get specifics! Ask if there are grab bars or roll-in showers in the bathrooms. Are light switches and closet rods lowered? Make sure all of the public facilities are accessible, from bathrooms to gift shops. Ask whatever questions are specifically relevant to your situation. Once you know what you’ll be facing, you can plan how best to make things work for you.

On a more specific note, we would be glad to help you with advice on a particular trip once you’ve decided where to go. Drop us a line anytime.