Dear Editor,

Hi, I’m visiting the states later this year and wondered if you know where I can find out about disabled parking information and the rules for each state? Many thanks, Gary McFarlane


You’ll find that laws vary state-to-state. Some states allow cars with handicapped permits to park for free at pay meters, others do not. All states share reciprocity and recognize the blue permits/placards (hung on the rear view mirror) or permanently imprinted on the vehicles license plates to allow parking in any designated handicapped parking spots. Many states recognize foreign permit/placards as well. Foreign visitors can get a temporary U.S. permit by applying with the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state in which they will be visiting (do this prior to travel). Check online for specific documentation requirements. Google the “dmv” for whatever state you’ll be flying into. Their web site should give you all the info you’ll need. Once you’ve gotten a permit from that state, you can use it anywhere nationally.