Dear Editor,

As a person who lives with a disability and a person who works with him we are highly offended by your blantanty insensitivity to people in wheelchairs. Maybe if you thought more about people’s feelings and the group you are catering to rather than just a catchy slogan your efforts would be beneficial. As a sidenote we think you are ass monkeys for such ignorance — Drew Lamprich and Lucas Keller

We appreciate that you’re offended. We see our name with it’s humorous intent, but we’re all allowed our opinions. Just so you know, everyone connected with Gimp on the Go is disabled; most are wheelchair users, and none of us takes ourselves or our disabilities so seriously that we can’t laugh about it all. Furthermore, in the three-plus years we’ve been around, your e-mail is only our sixth that voices disapproval – the vast majority of our disabled readers love the irreverence of our name. Finally, I hope our gay readers don’t take offense at your use of the term “ass monkeys.” Though, come to think of it, since they are readers of our site, they probably aren’t as uptight as you two and will have a sense of humor about it.