Dear Editor,

I have been injured for 3.5 years. I am a c7 quad and I use a manual chair. I am very close to being totally independant. One of the biggest problems I have with vacations is that I no longer perspire. I have real trouble dealing with anything above the low 80’s. Any advice on dealing with this? Thanks, FOMART

I know the problem well, though living in a warm climate, my tolerance is closer to 90. In any case, the best way to combat heat-stroke is to stay well hydrated, dump water over your head every 15 minutes or so, avoid long periods in the sun and worship air conditioning. I’ve been in 117 degree heat in Vegas, humid 95 degree heat in Costa Rica and live with sultry DC summers. Go ahead and travel, but always carry water and head inside every half hour to cool down. You’ll do fine that way.