Dear Editor,

This website is a great discovery! It truly gives me hope as I am trying to plan a trip with my sister-in-law who has Multiple sclerosis and is totally wheelchair bound. Airline travel is difficult to the extreme, so I am trying to find a cruise probably to Bermuda that departs from Boston where we live. Travel assistance and personal care help is where I am stuck–she is 200plus lbs. to my 115–can only be moved via Hoyer lift.

Any direction or help you could pass on would be terrific. Your website and gallery are inspiring. Thank you ever so much. Bea

Glad you like the site, we’re always pleased to know that people find our work helpful.

Your idea for a cruise is good; most are accessible, you unpack only once and still get to travel to various destinations. However, there are three issues you are dealing with: First, I’m unaware of any Bermuda/Caribbean cruises departing from Boston. They may exist, but I’m skeptical. Fortunately, Celebrity has several cruises leaving from New York to Bermuda or the Caribbean, and these may be an option. Second, I’m sure the Hoyer lift can be brought aboard with you if you coordinate with the cruise line before hand. What I can’t answer is whether the beds are on legs or platforms. If they are on platforms you probably won’t be able to get the lift underneath the bed, making it useless. You’ll want to inquire about this before hand. Third, hiring a travel aide is definitely an option. There are a few companies such as Travel Aides International and Travel Care Companions where you can hire a travel attendant, or you might try putting an ad in a college newspaper (especially if they have a physical therapy program) trading the free cruise for the student’s services as a travel aide.