Dear Editor,

My son is handicapped with Muscular Dystrophy. He can walk, but wears braces on both legs and has trouble getting out of a chair. In order to get up from a sitting position he has to bend forward and sort of rock himself up, or his wife or brother assist him in rising to a standing position. My question is, “How will an airline accommodate him with the narrow seating arrangements?” If the aisle arm rest can be lowered he could swing to the aisle to get to a standing position, but I don’t know if the aisle armrests fold down. Can you give me some advice other than going first class for this type of disability?

Thanks, Norma Weddle

Actually, many airline aisle seat arm rests fold up, allowing for easy access to the aisle. Another option is bulkhead seating (the first row of coach) which usually provides extra room sufficient for your son’s standing procedure. Simply request the handicapped seating option you need when booking a ticket. Explain the situation and airlines will try to accommodate your needs.