Dear Editor,

First off I have written to you a few times with questions & I really like your site. It is so informative. My questions this time are: If I travel in a plane I would need a bulkhead seat with an armrest that comes up, do any planes have that configuration? Also I heard that a person in a wheelchair might be able to roll on an airplane & get in the first seat if there is enough room? (I can’t remember exactly what it said about that.) If I could do that it would save me from having to transfer to the isle seat because I would need two airline staff to lift me & that would eliminate one transfer. Any information on this would be appreciated. Thank You, Marianne M.

I’m glad we’ve been of help to you in the past. The answers to your current questions are as follow: 1) Some 737s (notably on Southwest Airlines) offer bulkhead seats with movable aisle armrests. Most planes, though, do not – it’s either non-bulkhead with armrests that raise or bulkhead with fixed armrests. Go figure! However, it is common & do-able to be transferred/lifted over the bulkhead armrest. 2) It is possible on some larger planes (747 & I think DC-10) to get a wheelchair close enough to the front row for a direct transfer. The problem is, these are almost exclusively first class seats & avoiding the aisle chair probably isn’t worth the extra cost. Also, if you sit on a special cushion, you’ll still have to be lifted twice – first, to get the cushion out of your wheelchair and to the plane seat, and then to transfer you.