Dear Editor,

If a disabled traveler has difficulty with an airline while traveling, is there a toll-free number which he or she may call to report the trouble or ask for help?

The Episcopal Disability Network

There are actually two options. First, if the ticket agents or flight attendants can’t or won’t deal with your problem in a manner you find satisfactory, demand to speak to the Complaints Resolution Official (CRO). Every airline is required to have one at every airport. Don’t let them steer you away from this option (often the look on airline personnel’s face is shock that you’ve even heard of a CRO), as only the CRO has real power to resolve your complaint. Also, be sure to actually file a report with the CRO; don’t just let them give you lip-service without guaranteeing the results or compensation you request. Second, if the CRO decides that you were not treated unfairly, or if their resolution still doesn’t satisfy you, you can report the incident to the: Department of Justice, Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, Box 66738, Washington, DC 20035-6738. They do have a general information line where they can tell you how to file a report, but don’t expect on the spot enforcement help. The number is (800) 514-0301.