Dear Editor,

Do you have any tips on access to airline bathrooms? I have post-polio syndrome and use a wheelchair full-time. Are there any aircraft models that feature wheelchair accessible bathrooms? If not, what do fellow gimp travelers do to manage bathroom needs during long flights?

Many thanks for your help. -Angelo D.

ADA regulations only require an accessible bathroom on planes with more than one aisle (i.e. 747 & 777). This is due mainly to the limited space in smaller aircraft. Unfortunately, most of these larger planes are used only for international flights. Not much help to those who need to answer nature’s call on a 5+ hour flight from New York to Los Angeles.

In my case, I use an external, condom catheter connected to a leg bag. This allows me to empty the leg bag in my seat using a urinal. My companion then disposes of its contents in the bathroom. Other than the leg bag option, I’d suggest using a bathroom just before boarding and limit your intake on the flight. Not a great or fair solution, but circumstance dictates such necessity some times.

We’d love to hear from others how they handle this!!!