Dear Editor,

First off, I enjoy the Gimp-On-The-Go site. It fills a need that, up until your site showed up, was a vast wasteland on the internet.

The question I have for you: I am a 30 year old MS patient who really wants to travel to Holland, Amsterdam in particular, but am a little concerned since I know nothing about the layout of the city and whether or not it’s going to be friendly to me and my powered wheelchair. I know that accessible accomodations are available in Amsterdam, but what about the rest of the city? Is it a w/c friendly place with lots of curb cuts, or is it a nightmare with nothing but curbs and stairs?

Any information you can provide would be so very helpful – thanks in advance!

Rev. Scott Wedel

Holland, and Amsterdam in particular, is fairly easy to get around in a wheelchair. Old, narrow buildings notwithstanding, the Dutch goverment has done much to make ublic facilities accessible. Still, while many parks, museums and attractions do provide access, you’ll find that a fair amount of interesting bars, restaurants and other establishments require traversing stairs to gain entry. Overall, though, you should be able to see much of the city and experience all that you want with just a little determination and ingenuity.

Trains between cities are largely accessible and a guide book and assistance can be requested 24 hours in advance by calling 030-35-5555. Most taxi companies in Amsterdam have minibus, wheelchair accessible cabs that can be requested by phone. The Amsterdam metro is also accessible with elevators at all stations. Maneuvering in the metro cars is tight, but you can request assistance at the station or by calling 020-561-8225.

Finally, the Dutch Touring Association 070-314-6430 offers an access brochure which lists hotels, restaurants and other attractions which the goverment has authorized as accessible.