Dear Editor,

I am a low level Quad, who would like to travel to Ireland and Scotland. Would you have any suggestion on where I might obtain information on Disabled Travel in Europe.

Michael A Breaux

I’ve got several helpful sources for you. The first is a web site called Everybody’s Hotel Directory, which has a huge list of accessible hotels throughout the U.K.

Another place you may look is Undiscovered Britain which is a travel agency specializing in accessible tours throughout Britain.

On a broader note: You’ll find the rail system (DART & ARROW) in Ireland pretty accessible, as are Black Taxis (01)-844-5844, however buses are not set up to handle wheelchairs. Hotels with decent access exist in most Irish provinces including Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick, Tipperary and more. You’ll also be able to get into a good deal of attractions throughout Ireland.

Scottland, too, is fairly good with wheelchair access. Transportation conditions are similar to those in Ireland and lodging in Edinburgh, Dumfries, Glasgow, Fife, Inverness and other areas is available.