Dear Editor,

Hi there. We are a family (2 adults, 2 teenagers) planning a trip to my homeland Norway and are looking at different accommodation options. My husband is a quad. We would like to hire or possibly buy and re-sell a self-drive motorhome, campervan or just a van. This we could do from UK, Germany or Norway as we can fly in to either one. The commercial rates exceed what we can really afford for a six week stay. Any ideas as to how one could contact people who might be wanting to hire out their accessible self-drive vehicles? Many thanks, Karen Kviberg


Interesting dilemma. There are more and more accessible van rental companies popping up throughout Europe, and most offer long-term discounts. However, I can see how a six week rental could be cost prohibitive. My best advice is to contact England’s Spinal Injuries Association (0845-678-6633) (a vibrant, helpful disability community/organization) and see if any of their members might be willing to work something out. Otherwise, here are some resources for companies that rent/sell accessible motorhomes and vans. Maybe one will work for you. Click here for Accessible Europe. Here for Rolli-Mobil in Germany. Here for Wheelchair Travel in the UK. Here for Adapted Vehicle Travel in London. Here for Nirvana Motorhomes in England.