Dear Editor,

I have been to Europe with my wheelchair before with some success for a cruise and a bus tour of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. We are returning to Paris early next year and need to determine the best way to get around. Taxi would be my last choice but… Any help you could give would be great. Had a good experience last year in Milan using subway B for hotel and downtown access. Had similar experience in Vienna a couple of years ago. -J. English

There is a booklet you can get (Transport Guide for People with Reduced Mobility), detailing the accessibility of public transportation in Paris. Call (01) 47 23 01 25 for a copy. The low down, however, is that the Metros, RER and city buses are virtually all inaccessible to wheelchair users. AIRHOP (01) 41 29 01 29 and AMHAP (01) 42 80 40 20 are accessible motorcoaches that require 48 hour advance notice. Otherwise you’re looking at taxis.

One possible option, though costly, is to rent a wheelchair accessible van from England and arrange to have it delivered to you in Paris. Wheelchair Travel 01483 233640 and Tripscope 0181 994 9294 are two transportation companies which may be able to help.