Dear Editor,

I plan to take a trip to Costa Rica next month. Any ideas on making this a good trip? Ray Bratton


You’re going to love Costa Rica! It’s a beautiful country from the costal beaches to the rainforest jungles. Even better, Costa Rica is one of the most accessible Latin American countries I’ve seen. You are not going to find ADA quality accommodations, but there are several “doable” accessible hotel and attraction options. The absolute best piece of advice I can offer you is to contact Erik Shiozaki. I don’t normally endorse travel agencies or tour companies, but Erik is a rare exception. He is an American expatriate who runs an accessible tour company there using a fully accessible van (as opposed to the few sketchy “accessible” taxis & busses that often lack tie-downs or knowledgeable drivers). Even more importantly, Erik is almost single-handedly responsible for instigating a number of the expanding accessible eco-tourist attractions now possible in the country. He knows what is accessible, what to see & where to stay and eat. He’s taken me on river boat rides through crocodile infested waters, trekking through acres of dense rainforests, visited botanical gardens, and toured butterfly farms–and I’m in a power wheelchair! Truly, contact Erik. You won’t be disappointed.