Dear Editor,

Thank´s for your answer about my traveling question. It´s not easy for you to know where I like to go in this big world. In this moment, I plan to go to the Seyschells, the small island in the pacific of India. Do you know some good hotel for wheelchair users on the island ? A big bathroom is important ! I´ve a regular wheelchair, 66 centimeter wide.

My next question is about a South Africa Safari. I like to go to a small “exclusive” lodge, or a camp. Close to the real wildlife. Have you heard about a famous reservate called Penal ( or something like that, it begins with a ” P ” ) in South Africa ?

As I told you before, I really enjoy to travel around the world. To see and learn about other cultures. The “easiest” country I´ve visit, was New Zealand. Very easy for wheelchair-users, and the people were friendly and helpful in a very good way. A beautiful, but rainy country, as I really can recommend for you, who like to go around by car, meet the Maori-people, look at the big Kaori-trees, see the active vulcano-steem – and feel the smell ! Sometimes I rented a small helicopter, because it was the best way to see as much as possible, and it wasn´t too expensive. I stayed on the two Islands one month in December/January, before I left to Hawaii for one month more.

Totally, I have visit around 35 different countries in the world, and my biggest problem is to find places to stay, with good bathrooms for disabled.

Somebody asked about England, and it´s a very interesting country to visit. But outside London, it can be hard to find a good and cheap place to stay, if you are sitting in a wheelchair. Rooms for disabled, are usually easyer to find in more expensive hotels. I have bad experiences of using the Tourist Information in England for hotel reservations, because they promised much more than they could keep… I started to use my mobilphone, to make my resrevations by myself.

I look forward to read the anserws of my travel questions, and thank´s a lot !

On wednesday I´m going to Lisbon, Portugal, and see how it looks like and meet the European spring for two weeks.

Best regards from, Bo G Ornheim, Stockholm, Sweden.

I must say, I’m somewhat jealous of your extensive travel itinerary. It sounds like you’ve been to some fascinating places. Perhaps you would write an article on one of your journeys to share with us?

The Seychelles are somewhat limited in their handicapped accommodations. However, I am aware of one hotel which does offer some accessible rooms. The Plantation Club Hotel & Casino, Baie Lazare, PO Box 437, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles. Tel: (248) 361361. Please call to confirm. I know nothing about accessible transportation on the island.

Regarding South African safaris, I don’t know the reserve you’re thinking of, however, I am aware of two safaris that are capable of accommodating wheelchair users. The first is Ndiza Tours, and the second is Wilderness Wheels Africa: 117 St Georges Street, Observatory, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa, Tel: +27-11-6485737.