Dear Editor,

My husband & I want to travel on a cruise soon. He is in a chair, a spinal cord injury left him a parapeligic last year. He now uses a manual wheelchair however we are purchasing a jazzy.

Question #1: Is it easier to travel with a manual chair rather than a power one?

Question #2: We live in New York. Are there any cruise lines (equipped) that leave to the islands from New York rather than flying out of Florida? If so…any info?

We are new at this and any information you can give would be helpful.

Thanks…Grace D.

In point of fact, it is usually easier for everyone (except the chair user) to travel with a manual chair instead of a power one. The chair is lighter, more portable and has fewer parts to break. However, your husband’s independence and mobility will be limited.

As for sailings from New York, Carnival has several, but those go to Canada, and Cunard has QE2 sailings from New York to England. If the Caribbean is where you want to visit, you’re probably going to have to start from Florida.