Dear Editor,

Recently I took my first cruise. For the most part I enjoyed myself although there were a few difficult times. As a visually handicapped person some of the suggestions in your web site will help out next time.

You suggest bringing a cane even if you don’t need it. OK, I will borrow one. Things happened like I stumbled over a raised floor in a pizza parlor, well this happens but try to get served an alcoholic beverage after. NO WAY. Just grin and bear it.

In Jamaica upon returning to the ship I walked right through customs. Oh they called to me but I didn’t understand. I had no idea it was a customs station. One of the other ship travelers told me “customs.” Grin and bear it. On the second trip through customs I knew what to expect and addressed the situation like a pro.

In Cosumel the cane would have help me shoo off the pushy shop owners. I stopped several times in the square only to take a breath of air and the storekeepers pounced on people. The cane; back I say, back, back!

I’m planning to go on the same trip at the end of the year. The same room, ship, the locations. The first is training and learning. The second time is when I party! Now where is that? -Cliff.

Some interesting issues you had to deal with; thanks for sharing. I wonder just how much bringing a cane will impact future incidents? Please let me know. In any case, it sounds as if your second time around should be a blast. Have a Red Stripe for me at the pizza parlor this time.