Dear Editor,

I’ve not seen trains discussed much as far as getting around on one in a power chair. I know Amtrak has accessible berths on some trains but I want to know what it’s like to get to the dining car or observation car. Those glass domed observation cars intrigue me but they appear to be on an upper level. Is it possible to turn around or pull over in the halls? More info please! Thanks, Wendy

Depends on the train. Getting from car to car usually isn’t a problem and turning can usually done at the entrance area of most cars. Turns can be somewhat tight, but again, it depends on the type of train. The new Acela offers more room and easier access. As for the domed observations cars, some do require climbing stairs to get to the upper windows. It’s best to discuss the specific access of your train when making reservations. Overall, though, Amtrak has been a delightful mode of transportation from my personal experience & most reports I’ve gotten.