Dear Editor,

Enjoyed your page(s!) Question: I think I am looking for a group tour, or a specialized cruise. My sister uses a wheelchair and we are looking to buy her a cruise or trip to a spa or something, toward the end of 2001, for a surprise. She travels independently for business events, but hasn’t gotten much pleasure out of that. She also doesn’t have a chance to be around other people with disabilities.

It would be great if she could be on a cruise where there were other independent travelers with disabilities, and a cruise that included a personal assistant with the cabin so that she could dress and shower each morning and then go have a great day. The reason I specify this is because we went to Hawaii together, and it was frustrating to see her always on the edge of events designed for able-bodied people (e.g. pools, beach visits, etc.)

Perhaps a cruise is not the best thing; but there must be agencies; tours; locations something! which specialize in pampering folks with disabilities. Do you have advice? Thanks!

Ruth Seymour

As noted in the last question, there are quite a few agencies that specialize in group tours for disabled travelers. The list above is a good resource, but if you are particularly interested in a cruise with an attendant, you may just want to book an accessible stateroom and hire an aide through either Travel Aides International or Travel Care Companions.